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1. Elements
2. Come Live in My Head (Never Mind the Splatter)
3. Looks Like a Dead Saint/Burning Book
4. Slither
5. From Detritus, Fertile Soil
6. Wormbelly Theme (A Slight Re-Slithering)
7. What Do You Think You're Trying To Do?
8. Better Off Dead
9. I saw Your Face/Never Go Home Again
10. Down, Down, Down


One uninitiated may think, "Shit, this is just another 'i.e.' album". But this eponymous first album of Wormbelly, is not merely 'i.e.' featuring a bunch of special guests... Recorded in August, 1989, approximately a month after 'i.e.' recorded its last live session, this album really gives Mark's poetry fertile ground, allows Lobe's "Wormin' around" some crawling space, and notably absent of Zig's signature keyboard solo's by relegating him to percussion, bass, and vocals - an environmental limitation necessitating adaptation, all these factors caused this new line-up to evolve into an intensely different, viable species.

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