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UCDTLA -- Unlockable Content Down Tempo Loose Arrangements

See the One MediaŽ OpenSea NFT collection, dtla warped by Keith Stewart

Blending Fractal Warped Mandalas accumulated over years with the architectural lines depicted within hundreds of photographs Keith Stewart snapped as a resident of downtown Los Angeles, a hitherto unimagined 1920x1080x24bit color glimpse of urban abstract impressionism was created. This collection of 367 works will exist in this form only once on the Ethereum blockchain.

To enhance the value of this collection, One MediaŽ reserved the right to create music videos of Down Tempo Loose Arrangements ('dtla') partially derived from these images within the music videos. All frames of said music videos also contain abstract music visualization animation overlay thereby cloaking these original works as underlay. All purchasers of these original images will have access to derivative works as Unlockable Content in which these images are contained.

YouTube excerpts of music video available as Unlockable Content upon purchase of a dtla warped NFT.

Space Music published by One MediaŽ

Trip Hop NuJazz

Zig of One MediaŽ sitting-in with Termite of Termitemusic layin' down a wide variety of tracks in a Trip Hop NuJazz Lo-Fi style.


The best music videos in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) sub-genre of Drum-and-Bass that One MediaŽ has to offer, so far...

Modern Jazz

Selections from various One MediaŽ artists, many in standard 32 bar song form, all with modern Jazz harmonic sensibilities and arrangements.


These tunes do not fit neatly into any one category, particularly not (what most audiences have become accustomed to calling) New Age. However, each tune individually comprises some of the characteristics of Ambient, Ethereal, or World musics, along with electronic, eclectic, esoteric, eccentric, and lastly industrial sound.

Trash Juice on YouTube

Keith 'Zig' Stewart formed Trash Juice in 2016, to address themes such as societal ills, personal and interpersonal struggle for freedom, and strife over existential angst, in Electronic Psychedelic Progressive Metal and Hard Funk Rock musical arrangements.

Expect Nothing by Nowhere Near

Keith Stewart formed the band, Nowhere Near in December 2016. The sound of Nowhere Near crosses over a few genres including Downtempo, Psy, Trance, Cool Jazz, Uptempo Cool, Free Jazz, Acid Jazz, and Electronica. Today, Keith 'Zig' Stewart continues to produce Nowhere Near music videos for One MediaŽ.

Opium by i.e.

Videos of all the tunes on this 1989 chill-out jazz rock release by the band, i.e.

oK.o. 'Tells You' (Eye Jingles)

In June, 2017, the Czech artist and film director, Petr 'Krocin' Šafránek commissioned the band, 'Trash Juice' to perform the music for the 'Tells You' series of 'eye jingles'. Originally intended for Prague audiences, these one minute shorts feature instrumental Rock music and digital art that appeals to universal tastes. 'Trash Juice' appears courtesy, One MediaŽ. Originally intended for Prague audiences, these one minute shorts feature instrumental Rock music and digital art that appeals to universal tastes. One MediaŽ also provided 'music visualization' stream and video production.

Imperial Apoptosis by Trash Juice

Loud, fierce, psychedelic industrial trance with steady heavy Rock beat, an epic tune in three parts from a forthcoming album. When a cell or small group of cells within a larger multi-cell organism undergo genetic mutation thereby expressing an extended phenotype variation, for instance, trading energy futures of a value denominated in something other than petrodollars, an organism suffering pathological immune response initiates hyperactive programmed cell death of these adaptive cells. As annihilation of adaptive phenotype variations thwarts favorable natural selection, the organism's maladaptive genetic coding propagates unabated, despite cues of monoculture susceptibility to environmental stressors, further potentiating extinction of the species. Š2016 Trash Juice

Haunted Boulevard - the rockumentary

See the One MediaŽ YouTube Playlist of the Haunted Boulevard Rockumentary

In 1995, One MediaŽ held a release party for Keith Stewart's CD Meditative Motivative at Haunted Studios on Hollywood Boulevard. Soon thereafter, this historic little theatre was condemned due to damages sustained from the Northridge Earthquake. This show was likely the last show ever seen there.

YouTube trailers for Haunted Boulevard:

Keith Stewart's Video Improvisation October, 1995

VGA -to- Hi-8 (NTSC) 1995 vintage screen savers and various visualization for music programs, arranged with music from Keith Stewart's two CD's, Self-Realization, and Meditative Motivative.

YouTube trailers for Keith Stewart's Video Improvisation October, 1995:

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