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1. Start Out
(Composed on piano July 20, 1984, arranged, recorded: January, February, 1991)
2. What Was I Going to Say?
(Composed on piano Summer, 1982, arranged, recorded: March through May, 1991)
3. Not Raining
(Composed on piano Spring 1983, arranged, recorded: August, September, 1991)
4. Enlightenment Resurgence
(Originally improvised November 4, 1981, arranged, recorded: June, July, 1991)

Keith Stewart

The first of two CD releases by Zig of compositions he wrote originally on piano, which over time evolved into these definitive arrangements for synthesizer and, on several occasions, including small band accompaniment. The bands 'Illuminous Exodus' and 'i.e' often included "Start Out" and "Not Raining" as regular additions to their repertoire throughout their history. The liner notes themselves allude to ideas proposed by Lao Tsu, René Descartes, Aldous Huxley, Aaron Copland, Charlie Parker, Viktor Frankl, and Vedic sources in general. Casual observers in the past have thus wrongly inferred a new age ambient sound to this album, whereas the album itself more firmly represents the Progressive (mostly electronic symphonic, but often hard) Rock category.

Self-Realization by Keith Stewart (Compact Disc Digital Audio)

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