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The Forgotten Music Volume I (1987-1988)

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Compiled November 25, 1988

1. The name of the tune is a mirror image of Public Restroom
2. The Gnashing of Teeth
3. Private Viewing Booth (Excerpt From Rehearsal)
4. Beat Box (Recorded live at the Jawbone Coffee House April 16, 1988)
add: Alicia on violin; Doug, subliminal tenor saxophone (unfortunately, a little low on the original mix). Digitally remastered by Zig on May 21, 2015.
5. Tribal Grapevine (Recorded Sunday, February 14, 1988)
6. Leftover Fish (Fundamental Dance Craze 88 Mega Mix)
7. Art For War Sake
(Live, Rad Fem Ho*, State College)/(Live, Jawbone Coffee House April 16, 1988)
Doug on Tenor at both venues, add Alicia on violin at the Jawbone
8. Mingnu (Recorded January 30, 1988 WDFM "Love It or Leave" studio session)
9. Not Raining (Recorded live at the CoHo, September 3, 1988)
Doug, tenor sax on tracks 3, 4,7,8, and 9; Alicia, violin on tracks 4,7,8, and 9; Cosmic Ray Cromie on bass on tracks 4,7, and 8; Dave Conner, percussion on 8; John Pinchot, studio engineer on 8; Scott & Zig, everything else.

* The views expressed by members or residents of the Rad Fem Ho are not necessarily the views of i.e. or One Media®, which tend more towards humanist views expressly contrary to regard of in-group preferences especially if in-group preferences favor, or worse, demand an in-group identification over individuation. Nonetheless, i.e. appreciates the Rad Fem Ho for throwing the party and inviting them.

The Forgotten Music Volume I (1987-1988) by i.e.

Two volumes which would fill four compact disks remain as a repository for studio tracks that found no home on any previous release, and also for new live arrangements previously unreleased that exhibit extraordinary solos and passages. These recordings capture some of the excitement in a live i.e. performance, and document the era of the band where the line-up comprised not only the usual guitar, synth, and bass, but also a (real acoustic, though on several tracks fed through a wah pedal) tenor saxophone and a violin.

Check out the photos from live at the Jawbone Coffee House April 16, 1988, and the January 30, 1988 WDFM "Love It or Leave" studio session. You can also see the marquee posters for live at The Foundry, Pittsburgh, Saturday, October 8, 1988, and live at the CoHo, September 3, 1988.

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