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1. Supraliminal
2. (Why Should I Try If) Nobody Loves Me
3. Mingnu (Next Exit Raga Jam)
4. Diminished Half-Step and Other Folk Dances
Keith 'Zig' Stewart, Keyboard Synthesis.
Scott Stuart, Guitar, Bass, Drums.
Recording Completed August 23, 1986

Supraliminal by i.e.

For i.e., 1986 began their peak prolific period, and this recording presents material that remained in their repetoire and evolved throughout their recording history. In particular, the tune "Mingnu", its title itself a portmanteau of "Mingus" and "Vishnu", appears in a number of subsequent i.e. studio and live recordings with its later arrangements and solos forever evolving, sustaining, and just plain jamming in a cooking kind of way.

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