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Necropolis Projects

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1. Banana On A Wheat Cake (Recorded May 21, 1988)
Featuring Doug Dubroski on Tenor and Scott's Hammond B3 Solo (starting @ 4:28)
2. Necropolis Projects (Take I) (May 21-22, 1988)
3. Bastard (Recorded July 13 - 19 1988)
poem written & recited by M.B. Wiles
Zig, SIDnth; Scott, RX7, DX7 & D-550
4. Promptly Refridgerate Unused Portion (Recorded July 15 - 16, 1988)
Zig SIDnth, DDD-5; Scott, RX7 & DX7
5. Necropolis Projects (Remixed Short Version) (Recorded May 22, 1988)
poem written & recited by M.B. Wiles
Zig SIDnth; Scott DX7, D550, Guitar; Doug Dubroski Treated Saxophone

Necropolis Projects by i.e.

This album represents some of the darkest, heaviest motifs, both in sound and in poetic verse, depite the humorous titles styling the tunes. This premieres the first studio release of i.e. tenor player, Doug, and as such, this not only digs deeper into the heavy industrial sound for which i.e. is renown, but also the jazz influences, thus furthering i.e. along the industrial jazz path.

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