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Recorded July 2, 1988, July 3, July 7-9, 1988
1. Something Oblique
Scott, Guitar; Zig, DX7 Clavinetish Piano Patch
2. People In Cattle Cars
Scott, Zig, RX7, and DDD-5 drum machines, respectively
3. The Moth and the Flame
4. On the Campaign Trail
3&4: Keith 'Zig' Stewart, Sidnth I Prototype; Scott Stuart, DX7 & RX7
1-4 Recorded at Stone Buddha Studio July 2, 1988
5. Small World (Recorded July 3, 1988)
Zig, DDD-5; Scott, Rx7
6. Left Over Fish (Recorded July 7, 1988)
Zig, Sidnth I prototype, DX7, S700; Scott Guitar, DX7, S700, D-550, RX7, tape manipulation
7. Crust (Recorded July 8-9, 1988)
poem written & read by MB Wiles Jr.
Zig DDD-5, Sidnth I prototype; Scott DX7, RX7
8. Evolution Revolution Resolution (Recorded July 9, 1988)
Zig DX7 Piano; Scott, telecaster

Life by i.e.

As i.e. matured, one can hear new approaches to their artistic creative process here. Modernist improvised guitar and piano duets and Mark's poetry, in which one may recognize both influence of Poe as well as the Beat generation, make a noteworthy entry into the i.e. repetoire here. Once again, on several tracks Zig plays the SIDnth prototype renowned for its original unique sound. Driving and edgy as usual, i.e. does ease up a bit with the more ethereal "Moth and the Flame".

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