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'Man Asks Why?'by The Illuminous Exodus

These recording sessions lead the core founding members of The Illuminous Exodus (which later evolved into the ensemble commonly known as "i.e.") to realize, "Yeah, we can do this!". One may say, the turning point into a most prolific half-a-decade period in these artists' creative lives. Neither Scott nor Zig were all that hip to, in fact - substantially unconscious of, "The Illuminatus! Trilogy" by Robert Anton Wilson, nor particularly hip to conspiracy theories in general, thus the double entendre in the band's name may have been lost entirely for the core band members themselves. Zig conjured the name "The Illuminous Exodus" from morbid delusions brought about from depression. Despite this, these tunes often express humorous motifs, aside from the dark. heavy overtones.

Sum Real Neat
Sometimes Coming
Next Exit, Where Do You Get Off?
No Answer

'Feeding Time At The Zoo'by The Illuminous Exodus

Do It Now
Touching Strange Fabrics
Metaphysical Conjecture
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A band gag photo: Scott, grinning while attempting to insert a quarter-inch phone (standard instrument) plug into Ken's ear while Zig standing behind smiles in befuddled amusement.
Revisiting The Future

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