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How Jazz Saved The World, Inc.

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Recorded between April 4 - 11, 1987
1. Bag Existence
2. Art For War Sake
Cosmic Ray Cromie sits-in on Bass
3. Baby Wanna Milk Bone?/ERAR (Electric Reagan Acid Reign)
Mike Burro sits-in on Bass and names the tune "Baby Wanna Milk Bone?" afterward
4. Mingnu
5. Blood
Zig, DDD-5; Scott, Rx7
6. Endorphin Jam (Recorded July 5, 1987)
Sounds like Cosmic Ray sits-in on Bass for this one, too.
Mike Burro takes second guitar here, apparently...
7. Disinformation/Destabilization Reprise(?) No Reprieve

How Jazz Saved The World, Inc. by i.e.

The casual observer may think this is a 'greatest hits' album. However, this more closely chronicles the evolution of i.e. arrangements, as several of these tunes are completely new arrangements remade in the studio from lines from previous albums, exhibiting how these pieces matured over many gigs. New material has also been added. One may question the "Inc." in the title. Many enthusiasts will readily agree, Jazz saved the world - its history legitimizes its claim as the music of emancipation. But as you're probably aware by now, very little escapes the scrutiny and cynicism, the dark side, of i.e. as exemplified in its releases since its days as The Illuminous Exodus. The title itself evokes notions captured in quotes from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" and George Carlin, "Germany lost World War II, but the fascists still won". Notwithstanding conducting a full investigation into activities such as those surrounding Operation Paperclip, or McCarthyism, etc., suffice it to say this release merely represents yet another of i.e.'s forays into Punk Jazz. The apparent call to action one may ponder here the names of these tracks imply to march in protest, watch pornography if not engage in promiscuity, or drop acid, if not all of the above.

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