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Endorphin Stimuli

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1. Endorphin Stimuli I (Recorded Friday, June 13, 1986)
2. Endorphin Stimuli II (Recorded Friday, June 13, 1986)
3. Endorphin Stimuli III (Recorded Saturday, June 14, 1986)
Keith 'Zig' Stewart, SIDnth I Keyboard and Joystick Percussion Synthesizer.
Scott Stuart, Guitar Strumming, Beeps, Drones, Squeals & Manic Beating of Stuff.
'Cosmic Ray' Cromie, Electric Bass, Percussion on (3).
Bill Cribb, Maraca on (2).
John Pinchot, Engineer on (3).

Endorphin Stimuli by i.e.

The band members of i.e. critically acclaimed this recording as their best to-date and expressed remorse that this was not their first to make it to a vinyl L.P. One of the early recordings featuring the SIDnth prototype with its unmistakably unique joystick-controlled percussion loop sound. Zig also plays its patch wherein the joystick simultaneously controls the square wave pulse width and the filter corner frequency in a keyboard-gated setting. Scott plays guitar, programmed drums, and another analog synth. This album introduces 'Cosmic Ray' Cromie a.k.a 'The Cosmic Frump' on Bass to the i.e. line-up.

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