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Art Flakey's Dank Messengers

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Night Chants
Art Flakey's Dank Messengers

Don't let the self-deprecating liner notes lead you down the path of dankness, this shit will tear your head off and beat your body with it! Seriously, DO NOT operate heavy machinery after getting a full dose of both sides of this! We're still trying to finger out whether it's "Messengers", or "Mess Angers", [compare various inconsistencies in the cover art and liner notes pictured above with this web page and the mp3 metadata], and we've been sitting on this stash for over a quarter of a century now!

Gwaa(ka) Blues
Fear of Peppercorn
New Lips
Ritual Chant of the Highway Developers
Embryonic Mutations (Main Theme)
Embryonic Mutation Variation 1
Embryonic Mutation Variation 2
Embryonic Mutation Variation 3
Embryonic Mutation Variation 4
Embryonic Mutation Variation 5 - Last Chants

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