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Theater Of the Last Dance

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1. I'll Make Him Mine (Recorded March 13, 1983)
2. The Landlord is Coming (Recorded March 13, 1983)
3. Blue Light Special (Recorded March 13, 1983)
4. Fly Away (Recorded March 13, 1983)
5. Let's Go Downtown (Recorded March 15, 1983)
6. I Wish (Recorded March 15, 1983)
7. Don't You Understand? (Recorded March 15, 1983)
8. Beach Party (Recorded March 15, 1983)
9. Tunes Tones (Recorded March 15, 1983)
10. Robop Malfunktion (Recorded March 17, 1983)
11. Embopping Room (Recorded March 12, 1983)
12. Reggae Mortis (Recorded March 13, 1983)
13. Lisa's Synthetic Reggae Orgasm (Recorded March 13, 1983)

Lisa K, vocals, cow bell
Blaze Fall, Rickenbacker bass with round-wound strings fed through chorus/flanger pedal
Keith 'Zig' Stewart, Phenix MODEL TOP-3 Ace Tone Electronic Organ fed through PAIA Gnome 3740 with the PAIA 2720-11 Envelope Follower/Trigger triggering the Gnome's sweep filter and VCA all fed through a Univox EC-80A (custom cartridge tape) Echo Chamber; 'Wahlitzer': Wurlitzer Electric Piano fed through a Cry Baby Fuzz Wah pedal also fed through the Univox EC-80A (custom cartridge tape) Echo Chamber
Mike Patterson, kit drums
A.C. Note, Fender Stratocaster through wah pedal and overdrive (sat-out March 17 session)
Rodrigo Cordoba, timbales, woodblocks, chimes, cymbals (sat-in March 13 & 17, 1983 sessions only)

Theater Of the Last Dance by The TOLD

The first and only album for The TOLD which offers a remarkably prolific recorded history considering its extremely short lifespan. Ironically, these recordings were made in the cellar of a student rental house of the American Victorian period and style, which as legend had it, previously housed a funeral parlor. Most ironically, one solemn artifact from the house's previous career Lisa reported found and others witnessed when clearing out the studio space in the cellar included a crypt sized for an infant. Thus we surmised these tunes were recorded in what was at one time the embalming room of the funeral home. Hence the morbid titles given to some of the tracks. In the post mortem of the band itself, one may attribute vastly different and conflicted interpersonal, and interestingly, intrapersonal artistic direction each member aspired towards as cause of its untimely demise. For instance, Lisa herself, when comparing the lyrics to several of her vocal tracks here, appears torn between 'catchy' adolescent teenybop pop sensibilities and a 'grrl' sound, around the time Joan Jett and The Blackhearts were taking off. Blaze, (some insiders referred to him as "Mr. Bill" probably unbeknownst to him) whose favorite groups at the time included Joy Division and Bauhaus (as one may discern by Blaze's extensive use of chorus and flanger effects pedals on his round-wound string bass) demanded the pieces be "...dark, heavy, but danceable..." in a "New Wave" sense, though what comes through here is more of a proto-Jam band stuck in the nether world between the psychedelic era and the here now, grounded in blues-styled, wah-effected guitar and by Zig's penchant for improvisational and timbral exploration. In technical terms, Zig here explores the capabilites of the PAIA Gnome analog synthesizer, and particularly a portable organ interfaced through the Gnome's Voltage Controlled Filter and Amplifier (VCF, VCA, respectively), novel timbres arising from intermodulation between the notes played on the organ against the Gnome's internal Voltage Controlled Oscillator, and the sync'ing in and out of the Gnome's Low Frequency Oscillator driving the sweep of its VCF and VCA against the tempo of The TOLD's rhythm section. Much to Bill's, err, Blaze's credit, in his creative process, he insisted on recording practically everything from rehearsal from which to craft and polish a finished product, hence preserving for posterity the legacy of a band that lasted less than one month.

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