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Keith Stewart

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Keith Stewart

This recording is most likely the very first recording of the SIDnth I prototype keyboard and joystick-controlled (often used for percussive sounding loops) synthesizer. It is most certainly the first SIDnth I recording with the DD 8 digital delay. Musically, one may notice a 'Jazz Era' feel to the harmonies of the keyboard solo pieces, as well as the simple spontaneity pervasive throughout the entire recording. One may casually observe Randomusic's similarity to Robert Fripp's Frippertronics and perhaps something along Terry Riley's keyboard solo works, although emulation of either predecessor, or any sort of devotion to Minimalism was never the intent here.

1. The Coming of Dawn
2. Epistemological Anarchism
3. Quick Release
4. Creature of Pleasure
5. Partyin' With Dawn's Roommates

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