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(The) Ever-Happening Now (Suite) & Exotic Delight
Keith 'Zig' Stewart

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(The) Ever-Happening Now (Suite) & Exotic Delight
Keith Stewart

The transition period from when Zig left Hollywood to move "Behind the Orange Curtain" to land eventually in Laguna Beach. This recording represents rather musical exploration of the capabilities of a Korg T1. Though not intentional, one may discern a slight 'Canterbury' flavor to this, whether it's Camembert Electrique or a taste of the Flying Teapot from the Radio Gnome Trilogy, besides the usual spacey, deeply-layered, quasi-eastern, rhythmic modernism that typically defines Zig's sound.

Originally released on a 30 minute cassette tape, this album now contains the last two tracks as bonus material, both recorded circa September, 1991 about the same time Zig was finishing recording his debut solo Compact Disc, Self-Realization.

1. Forever Beginning
2. First Chance
3. Fire Dance
4. Cloud Dance
5. Be Here, Become Now
6. Thrash Time
7. Sand/Concrete/Sand
8. Exotic Delight
9. Fuckin' Around
10. Space World

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