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The Disciples

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1. Delphine Daze
2. Touch
3. Threesome
4. Who Are We?
5. Fatal Poison
Recorded May, 1990
Keith 'Zig' Stewart, a few Ensoniq keyboard synth patches, and mostly SIDnth I Prototype looping e-percussion.
Teal, vocals
Miguel, everything else

The Disciples

Miguel and Teal met Zig when he worked as sound man/house pianist/(occasional) bouncer (...there was one 'incident'...) at a cafe that was on Fountain Avenue between Western and Normandie. The Disciples walked in and Zig did sound for them there one night, and noted their original sound and stage presence, as they appreciated Zig's ear, knob-turning, and slider-pushing. Miguel had hair, facial features and complexion strikingly similar to, while his stature was perhaps a bit taller than, Jimi Hendrix, though Miguel's attire more closely resembled that of (the artist formerly known as) Prince, had (the artist formerly known as) Prince dressed a bit less feminine and more gothic, back before Goth was something one could find in suburban shopping malls. Teal was a rather graceful, statuesque blonde who clearly commanded attention on-stage or off.

Teal and Miguel lived in a loft a block east of the L.A. River and a few blocks north of the 4th Street bridge. The loft comprised a sizable (would be) performance space though unfortunately not zoned for such events as we regrettably learned the hard way from L.A.'s law enforcement officers, causing a few hundred or so persons to flee the premises one Saturday evening. The Disciples' sound was (as you can hear on these recordings) as edgy as the times, the tail end of the crack epidemic, where in L.A.'s loft district, when one heard gunshots, rest assured it most certainly was not merely some hipster's cellphone ringtone. Together they did a bit of hanging at clubs which at the time had folks dancing to Nine Inch Nails (Head Like a Hole, etc.). Zig decided to move out of his flea-bitten hotel room near Hollywood & Western and stayed a few weeks in the loft, as fortune would have it, bringing his SIDnth I prototype whose signature looping percussion patches made it onto these recordings.

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