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Se Bo, aka 0835n!u36

Se Bo, aka 0835n!u36

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Photographer, Digital Artist, Mirrorography, Musician and Composer, and secret studies ...

Se Bo, aka 0835n!u36 has an extensive portfolio of works of Digital Art in a style he coined 'Mirrorograhy', many of which originated from photographs of nature, animals, and the outdoors. Se Bo currently lives in Germany and takes many photo's there. One of Se Bo's other activities includes owner of the Google+ Community, Mirrorography, and owner of the Google+ Community, Psychedelic Poetry.

Se Bo's Photography, Digital Artistry, Music Composition and Recording has appeared in the following One Media® YouTube videos: (newest to oldest order)

You can email Se Bo directly at his email address with the user id humbled360
You can see his daily posts at +Se Bo, aka 0835n!u36 on Google+

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