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Petr 'Krocin' Šafránek

Petr 'Krocin' Šafránek

profile image - Petr 'Krocin' Šafránek

Film Director, Screenwriter, Photographer, Digital Artist

Petr 'Krocin' Šafránek works in Prague, The Czech Republic as a Film Director, Screenwriter, Photographer, and Digital Artist. He has taken many photos and created many colorful works of Digital Art over the years. His work often expresses the struggle for freedom. He is the originator of 'oK.o.', the oKamžitý orchestr (Instant Orchestra) and its series of one-minute 'Eye Jingles' called, 'oK.o. Tells You' that One Media® and Krocin produce in cooperation. In August, 2017, One Media® released a short Musical Docu-Drama in the Czech language [ with English Subtitles ] directed by Krocin and including his digital art, entitled, "oK.o. vám rekne: Krátké si vyprávení s Pavlem", [ oK.o. Tells you: A Short Story About Paul ]. One of Krocin's other activities includes owner of the Google+ Community, AKtuÁL

Krocin's artwork is on display at his Krocin Gallery

Krocin's Digital Artistry has appeared in the following One Media® YouTube videos: (newest to oldest order)

You can email Krocin directly at his email address with the user id krocin
You can see his daily posts at +Petr Krocin Šafránek on Google+

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