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Paul Toomer

Paul Toomer

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Photographer, Digital Artist, Poet

Paul Toomer has taken many photos and created many colorful works of Digital Art over the years. Like many of us, Paul entered the world of art primarily as a form of self-therapy for depression. His art often symbolizes the demons and hurdles we face in life. As a favored pastime, Paul also likes to do lots of women ... So if any aspiring, hot, young models looking for work specializing in boudoir scenes want to take their career to another level, Paul's got a few positions for you. As one of his models, you may not make it to any canvas, but certainly will get a work-out between the sheets... One of Paul's other activities includes owner of the Google+ Community, Fenomenologica where he met Keith 'Zig' Stewart in August, 2016 and immediately began collaborating on music videos for the One Media® label, as shown below.

Paul's artwork is available printed on accessories, including shirts, shorts, and shoes, through his tooey02 RageOn! Gallery.

Paul's Spoken Word Poetry, Photography, and Digital Artistry has appeared in the following One Media® YouTube videos: (newest to oldest order)

You can email Paul directly at his email address with the user id paul2etoomer
You can see his daily posts at +Paul Toomer on Google+

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