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Francine Langlois

Francine Langlois

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Photographer, Digital Artist, Creature Creator, and a touch of the dark ...

Francine Langlois started casually taking photos about six years ago and has since progressed to editing her photos using art apps such as Mirrorlab, Cameringo, and ToolWhiz. Her presence on Google+ opened up many venues on which to display her work from which she gained much exposure. There she met Keith 'Zig' Stewart and immediately began collaborating on music videos for the One MediaŽ label, as shown below. She also met Jathon Delsy there leading to her works appearing on his consummate 2017 music video entitled, The Will. In 2017, Francine received a commission for a book cover from René Allen author of Housecapades, A Short Story.

Francine's Photography, Creatures, and Digital Artistry has appeared in the following One MediaŽ YouTube videos: (newest to oldest order)

You can email Francine directly at her email address with the user id enicnarf64
You can see her daily posts at +Francine Langlois on Google+

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