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Angel Butafly

Angel Butafly

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Photographer, Poet, Vocalist ... sits cross-legged upon life, breathing calmly, eyes closed - listening

In her own words, Angel's bio... "The World is truly an awe-inspiring place! I am blessed to live amongst it. With the camera to my eye, the whispers of mystical voices in my ears, hear the rhythm chanting on my mouth and sing!! How can hide what I have been given ‘under a bushel’ anymore? It has been bubbling under the surface of my life for many years now. Creative mediums are like secret messages others give to another. Powerful silent voices or images which speak multiple languages drawing another’s soul unto itself. It is why we connect so strongly to music, to art, to photography, to dance, to song, to word, to paragraph. Its why it is always the first to be removed from a Dictatorship society BUT … always the significant and most influential way in crushing that Dictatorship from its roots. So, I sit cross-legged upon life, breathing calmly, eyes closed – listening. Our encounter upon this platform will be varied, fun and colourfully enhancing. My ability to see, write and sing have not been honed by qualifications but by the influences and life experiences I have walked and journeyed. My sight for life is different from a schooled person. My written word for life is raw and untarnished by conditioning of style. My voice is untrained and not controlled by the sculpture of another. I AM WHO I AM BECAUSE I GAVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO BE SEEN."

Angel Butafly's Photography, Poetry, and Spoken Word vocal artistry has appeared in the following One Media® YouTube video: (newest to oldest order)

You can email Angel Butafly directly at her email address with the user id jakchick
You can see her daily posts at +Angel Butafly on Google+

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